Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bottled water

drink tap water.

whats that? you dont like the taste? i have a solution. make tea.

I like Bigelow mint medley, and raspberry zinger from Celestial seasonings.

These teas are not caffinated, tasty as fuck and make just about any tap water drinkable. i recommend buying a large 2.5 gallon water pitcher with spigot for all you tea storage needs. keep that shit chilled and in the fridge.

easiest way to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day. Oh yeah, DONT sweeten it. use your other sense, your sense of smell. smell as you drink, inhale that heavenly aroma deep into your nostrils, now as you inhale, drink. I promise that you will taste between 25-50% more mint/raspberry lemons.


  1. lul, I just saw this in my information library.

  2. I don't mind tap water. I usually just drink straight from the faucet. It's easier that way lol

  3. I can't stand tap or bottled water. The only stuff I can drink is boiled water.

  4. nice i like your post!
    Following you bro!

  5. A figure of truth, of faith, of loyalty: Following!

  6. lol, i think this kind of sends the opposite message about tap water through it's irony. but i've long given up bottled water. Great blog, you got a new follower!